What You'll Receive During a Home Energy Assessment

  1. BPI Certified Home Energy Professional will meet with you introduce themselves and then inspect your home from bottom to top. 
  2. A thorough Combustion Safety Test will be performed and then we will spend a few hours performing your assessment. We will be working to measure and scope your home for any energy saving weatherization improvements that you can take advantage off, at a steep discount, through the Mass Save Program.
  3. We make sure to share, listen and learn from you ways in which you would like to save energy, make your home more energy efficient and show  you ways to save money on your utility bills through Mass Save.
  4. Where applicable, we can install a multitude of NO COST  Instant Savings Measures to immediately lower your utility bills and save precious energy.  Below are just a few that we can provide and install at no cost to you:
    • Unlimited LED light bulbs to replace incandescent bulbs
    • Programmable Thermostats, installed at no-cost to your
    • Smart Power Strips and
    • High pressure water savings devices (Shower heads and faucet aerators) 
  5. Access to generous, additional rebates and, if eligible, incentives such as:
    • Up to 12 hours of No Cost Air Sealing  
    • 75% Off of Insulation improvements to your home
    • Access to the 0% HEAT LOAN financing program for eligible upgrades
    • Generous Rebates for Furnace and Boiler updates ​​​and replacement

Mass Save Disclosure: *Customers must meet program eligibility requirements to participate. Some restrictions apply and offers are subject to change or cancellation. Eligibility for rebates/incentives is based on findings from the Home Energy Assessment. No-cost air sealing is targeted based on findings of the Energy Specialist. Insulation incentive covers 75% of the cost for qualified improvements. HEAT Loan financing is subject to approval from a participating lender.

Rockland Residents Save Money and Energy - 

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The Town of Rockland has been selected by National Grid to be a participant in its Communities Initiative.  To work towards the goals, rewards and requirements of this program Rockland has partnered with Able Home Performance to perform No Cost Home Mass Save® Energy Assessments and provide No Cost Air Sealing and steeply discounted insulation upgrades to eligible homeowners in town. 

Town Administrator Allan Chiocca says:

 "As a Green Community, partnering with Able Home Performance, we have initiated and new money saving program called "Rockland Saves".  This partnership acts as the next step in our efforts to bring value and savings directly to the community.  As with our efforts to pursue the grant money we received in 2016,  seeking out new energy efficiency projects and money saving opportunities for residents, Rockland Saves simply adds to our growing list of proactively sourced ways to save money and energy."

In 2016 Rockland was awarded $245,839.00 in grant money from the Mass. Department of Energy Resources.   This Competitive Grant is slated to be used to fund costs of project management and the following energy conservation measures: at the Middle/High School, a lighting retrofit, efficient generator heat pump, and building weatherization; at Esten School, a lighting retrofit, efficient infrared heating, and building weatherization; at the Police Dept., a lighting retrofit, efficient infrared heating, and building weatherization; and building weatherization improvements at five facilities.

Help us meet our goal of 404 No Cost Home Energy Assessments and possibly become one of the 135 newly Insulated Homes by scheduling your No Cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment with Able today.

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