Breaking Down the Mass-Save® Program

When you decide to schedule your no-cost home energy assessment from Able Home Performance, you are one step closer to utilizing energy more efficiently and saving money on your utility bills. Our home energy audits not only offer instant saving measures at no cost, they also identify potential solutions for long-term savings. Here’s a breakdown of our home energy assessment.

Professional Home Energy Audit

Our home energy auditors are BPI certified, meaning you will receive the most comprehensive energy audit that yields the best home energy saving solutions. Our energy assessments last between 2-3 hours as we work our way through your home to identify any energy-saving weatherization techniques for now and in the future. 

Installation of Instant Saving Measures

With instant saving measures, we begin saving you energy before we even leave your home. By identifying these simple energy-saving techniques, we bring the savings to you at no charge. Some of our instant saving measure installations include:

  • Unlimited replacement of incandescent light bulbs with LED light bulbs
  • Installation of programmable thermostats
  • Use of energy-efficient power strips
  • Installation of high-pressure water savings devices in shower heads and faucets

If you were to make these replacements without the help of Able Home Performance, it could cost you up to $450.

Insulation and Air-Sealing Recommendations

While we are able to give you instant savings with the above services, the main purpose of our home energy audits is to discover long-lasting solutions that help you save energy. Our professionals have the experience and expertise to identify insulation and air-sealing upgrades that can save you loads of money over time. 

Gas Appliance Rebate Checks

Our technicians perform inspections on your gas appliances — including boilers and furnaces — to identify potential rebates that await when you switch to a high-efficiency model. Since heating is such a large part of your energy costs, upgrading your heating appliances is an investment that pays for itself.

Access to Additional Savings

The Mass-Save® Program offers the most comprehensive energy-saving opportunities for your household. After your initial home energy audit, you could be eligible for these savings:

  • 12 hours of no-cost air sealing
  • 75% – 100% discounts on insulation improvements throughout your home
  • Access to the 0% heat-loan financing program

Don’t go another day with inefficient energy use. When you contact the home energy efficiency experts at Able Home Performance in Rockland and Newton, you can begin saving money instantly and receive energy-saving solutions at no charge. Schedule your energy audit today!