Once you become a homeowner, your perspective on so many things in your life changes. You no longer have a negative feeling when you think back on your mom telling you to turn off the lights after you left the room. You realize that chores are a matter of pride and not a matter of busywork. And maybe most of all, you start to realize the value of time spent on ideas, actions, and activities that save you money.


In today’s blog from Able Home Performance, we are talking directly to those savvy homeowners who have had their eyes opened up to the possibilities of savings that exist within their very own four walls. For many Massachusetts families, the late fall, winter, and early spring months are one of the greatest culprits of wasted money. Drafty, older homes with poor insulation, bad windows, and aging doors can cause your heater to run all winter long, costing you money that a good insulation company could easily save you over the long run.


At Able Home Performance, we are insulation installation and home energy conservation experts. Our various services are all aimed at helping South Shore homeowners stay warmer while saving money on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. To learn more about our South Shore energy conservation company, read on. To get started with a free energy efficiency assessment, contact us online.

Energy Efficiency Audits

Your home may be sealed up tight, or it might be leaking warm and cold air at an alarming rate. Without a cost-free energy efficiency assessment, you’ll never know for sure. As a part of the Mass Save® program, Able Home Performance offers no-cost energy usage assessments in your home. These roughly two to three hour-long assessments are performed by a BPI certified technician who can immediately advise you on energy-saving and cost-saving measures that can be implemented right away, as well as options that are available through a contracted service.


Through the Mass Save® program available to South Shore homeowners, energy efficiency assessments come at no cost and can even provide no-cost, on the spot energy-saving upgrades like LED light bulbs, digital thermostats, and smart strips to help you start saving right away.

Air Sealing Insulation Services

For year-round insulation upgrades that can help you save on heating and cooling costs in your South Shore home, talk to Able Home Performance about our air sealing services. While many people have inspected minor insulation problems in their homes such as gaps in door jams, cracks along window frames, and other draft causing problems, most have not thoroughly investigated the caulking and insulation in their attic. 


Heat rises, and in the winter, your home can lose a lot of heat through small cracks in your attic insulation. Able Home Performance can locate and seal these cracks with our specific, and aggressive, air sealing services. Air sealing not only helps to better insulate your home and lower your energy usage costs, but air sealing also can help prevent ice dams in your gutters due to less melting snow from heat leakage on cold days.


Best of all, some South Shore homes will qualify for no-cost air sealing through the various energy efficiency programs available through the state. 

Home Insulation Installment

When it comes to insulation installation in your home, air sealing isn’t the only service offered by the home insulation experts at Able Home Performance. We can help with all kinds of home insulation upgrades, including basement insulation, wall insulation, attic insulation, and more. With one phone call, you can make your home a warmer, more comfortable place for your family and increase the value of your home.

Mold Remediation Services

Another way that Able Home Performance helps our customers is by offering elite-level mold remediation services. With various types of mold and mildew treatments and removal processes available, the certified mold remediation technicians at Able Home Performance can offer the right solution for any South Shore home.


Best of all, with no-cost mold consultations, you can be certain about the parameters, costs, and timelines of the project before ever having to agree to anything.

Get a Free Energy Conservation Assessment Today

Able Home Performance is proud to serve the greater South Shore area with professional insulation and energy conservation solutions. If you have questions about our team, our services, or about whether or not you and your home qualify for savings and benefits under the Mass Save® program, get in touch with Able Home Performance today.

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